Korean Idol Skin Care Tips for in-between seasons!

[By Cho Suyeon] How do Korean Idols care their skins?

Korean stars have fabulous skins and they seem to put so much effort to keep up with that.
Well, do they? There is an easy way to give moisture to skin and make it glow.

Korea’s leading idol SHINee’s member Jong hyun recently posted his self-photo wearing a mask on his tweeter.

On 17th, Jong hyun said on tweeter that “I wore mask during the flight and when a cabin crew me, she thought I was a ghost. Sorry for scaring, Thai Airline!” In the photo, he is wearing a white mask in the dark plane to give special care for his skin. 

On the other hand, what Jong hyun is using is a product by Etude house, which he is a working as a model for. (photo by Jong hyun\'s Tweeter)

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