Lee Hi introduced on Wall Street Journal

Lee Hi was introduced on Wall Street Journal.

On 23rd (local time), an article titled 'Meet the K-Pop Star Known as Korea's Adele' was reported in the Asia edition of Wall Street Journal.

The article introduced Lee Hi, who recently made her debut after appearing on SBS 'K-POP Star', and reported about her first appearance and recent debut.

They reported, "A 16-year-old female singer, Lee Hi, is being tipped to break the mold after sweeping to top spot in the music charts in South Korea for the past 23 days with her debut single '1,2,3,4',"and "She first appeared through an audition program called 'K-POP Star', and she signed management contract with YG Entertainment, which PSY and 2NE1 also signed their contracts with."

They also reported that Lee Hi was the first female soloist to top in Billboard K-Pop Chart this year.

Lee Hi, who is still dominating in various music charts with '1,2,3,4', released another song written by Park Jin Young, 'Scarecrow', and many agencies at overseas are showing great interest in her.

On the other hand, Lee Hi will be performing during '2012 MAMA' with Epik High.

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