Lee Hyo ri, Kong Hyo-jin, Park Jin hee, want to join eco-people?

[by beauty team / translated by Kang Jung yeon] What is the common between Lee Hyo ri, Kong Hyo-jin, and Park Jin hee? It is that they are well known Eco-people.

Korean singer Lee Hyo ri showed her love in vegetables, protecting animals and protecting environment through her party, concert on Onstyle Reality show, Golden 12.

She showed her enthusiasm by recently published a book about abandoned dog. She also donated the entire income of the book to animal protection charity. 

Actress Kong Hyo-jin likewise wrote essay on 2010 about environment. It contains herself concerning about for trivial act she can do to protect the environment.

Park Jin hee is working as a honorary ambassador of Green Film Festival for four years now. She even went to graduate school studying environment and social welfare.

Since the celebrities is doing so much campaign or works to protect the environment, people’s awareness on protecting environment is changing from boring and tedious to a fundamental concept or sense.

To be one of the eco-people the most important part is what to eat and which product we use. More than just sleeping and eating, when thinking about relationship between one’s health and society. Eating or using things without thinking can feel intrusive.

What would be the first step to be the eco-people?

Heal body with slow food
The key words for health and environment can be defined to three words; slow food, food mileage, and organic.

It is easy to find restaurant that sells slow food. 

When McDonald threatened the Italian traditional restaurant they started the campaigned to preserve their traditional food and to remember the pleasure of eating and tasting.

The purpose of slow food is to develop and to preserve characteristic of food depends on area and countries.

Food mileage is about the distance from farm to the table. As close they are then less carbon they produce, so purchasing the agricultural products helps to protect the environment.

Organic is the way of farming without using agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizer. If these accumulate in our body, it can cause cancer or hormone disorder. For this reason, eating organic food or using organic food when cooking is the good choice.

Find good ingredients to protect skin and environment.
Since the organic is issue, beauty industry is releasing various product relates to organic. However, not many people know why they need to use organic products.

Some cosmetic products contain preservatives to keep longer. Some product contains emulsifier which causes a dry skin, aging or skin cancer.

For these reasons, using products made of natural ingredients or organic ingredients are recommended. Chemical surfactant even causes an environmental pollution.

Eaurganic is a Canadian brand which got approved by international organic standard and approved by eco-concert. Eaurganic is the organic cosmetic to satisfy fastidious eco-people.

They are approved for not containing any chemicals from cultivating, harvesting, and storing to transporting.

They don’t run animal testing and doesn’t use any animal material. Even their package can be recycled.

Staff from Eaurganic said, their products contain at least 95% of natural ingredients and they put the percentage of each ingredient. They use only approved organic ingredients to heal busy city people.

There are lots of ways to be the eco-people besides the food or cosmetic products. Try to be the eco-people like Lee Hyo ri, Kong Hyo-jin, Park Jin hee. (photo from bntnews photoDB)

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