Lee Hyo Ri & Lee Sang Soon reveal a song they wrote

Lee Hyo Ri and Lee Sang Soon revealed a song they wrote together.

On 7th, singer Bae Da Hae made a post titled "Hyo Ri and Sang Soon performing during 'KARA Fundraising Night'."

She wrote, "I could see how much my all-time favorite Hyo Ri put her effort. The song is bright, but I couldn't stop my tears from falling, because I could feel her sincereness in the song."

The photo shows Lee Hyo Ri and Lee Sang Soon performing together at a fundraising event of animal protection organization, 'KARA', which Lee Hyo Ri supports.

In the photo, Lee Sang Soon is playing his guitar, and Lee Hyo Ri is singing right beside him,.

Netizens who viewed the performance comments, such as "They look so great together", "Great to see them offering themselves in meaningful causes", and "They have warm hearts."

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