Lee Hyunwoo to cast in new SBS drama 'Beautiful Love' with Minho and Sulli

Lee Hyunwoo will be casting in new SBS drama 'Beautiful Love' with Minho and Sulli.

New SBS drama 'Beautiful Love' is to start air in August, and Lee Hyunwoo will be casting as 'Cha Eun-kyul' who will be falling in love with Sulli.

'Cha Eun-kyul' is a handsome and talented soccer player, who is largely popular to girls, but never been in love before.

Furthermore, he will be competing against Minho for Sulli, and the fans' anticipation for the two's casting is growing larger in a rapid pace.

An official said, "We thought of Lee Hyunwoo as soon as we learned about 'Cha Eun-kyul, and Lee Hyunwoo seems to be understanding character very well. We are expecting a lot from him."

The first shooting of 'Beautiful Love' will be taking place within June.

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