Lee Jang Woo Reveals ‘I Do I Do’s’ Secret Weapon

KBS2 has Ju Won and SBS has So Ji Sub, so what does MBC have to show?

Lee Jang Woo revealed I Do I Do’s secret weapon at its press conference held in Seoul, with director Kang Dae Sun, Kim Sun Ah, Park Geon Hyeong and Lim Soo Hyang.

Lee Jang Woo said about his oncoming competition with KBS’ Ju Won and SBS’ So Ji Sub, “I once talked about the same thing with the director. I asked him what we should do since SBS has So Ji Sub and KBS has Ju Won.”

“The director said Miss Kim Sun Ah would take them all down. I think that’s the right answer,” he said to laughter from his audience.

Director Kang Dae Sun explained, “I try to mingle with the actors. It’s our job to help the actors play around, and I believe we have the best atmosphere on set.”

I Do I Do will be competing head-on with KBS2’s Bridal Mask and SBS’ Ghost.

The dramas will open up another Wednesday-Thursday drama competition after KBS’ The Equator Man, SBS’ Rooftop Prince and MBC’s The King 2Hearts come to an end.

Lee Jang Woo will be acting as the jobless Park Tae Kang, who dreams of becoming a large company’s shoe designer by starting from a fake designer brand shoe salesman. Tae Kang is a bossy new recruit that cares only for his image.

Tae Kang and the super alpha girl Hwang Ji An (Kim Sun Ah) will become entangled in a relationship after one night’s mistake. I Do I Do will start airing on May 30 as a follow-up to The King 2Hearts.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

Reporter : Choi, EunHwa (choieh@cj.net)
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