Lee Je Hoon makes '5 Million Pledge'

Lee Je Hoon made '5 Million Pledge'.

On 13th, actor Lee Je Hoon appeared on SBS radio Power FM 'Kim Chang Ryeol's Old School' to promote his last movie before starting military service, 'Fortunetellers'.

As the show host Kim Chang Ryeol asked him to make a pledge for 5 million viewers, he said, "If over 5 million people watch the movie when I'm in the military, I'll treat he person a dinner when I come out for a vacation."

Afterwards, when he was asked why people should watch the movie, he said, "We mixed comedy and horror into a very unique color of Korean sense. It's a very unique movie," and made the movie fans even more curious.

He also added, "The shooting was a lot of fun. I hope we will be able to make sequels," expressing his particular affection for the movie.

On the other hand, the movie will be released on October 3rd.

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