Lee Jun Gi successfully finishes his fan meeting in Japan

Lee Jun Gi successfully finished his fan meeting in Japan.

Actor Lee Jun Gi had fan meetings on December 4th, 5th, and 10th, and had a memorable time with his Japanese fans.

The fan meetings were held in Nagoya, Osaka, and Yokohama under the title of 'JG TIME with you...in JAPAN', and it was specially prepared to celebrate Christmas with Japanese fans.

Over 10,000 fans from all over Japan gathered to see him even though the weather was very cold.

His last visit to Japan was over 9 months ago, and he appeared on the stage, looking very nervous, but also very excited. As he appeared on the stage, the fans screamed in cheers.

Lee Jun Gi melted many fans' hearts with his gentle look, and charming smile.

During the event, Lee Jun Gi talked about how he has been doing recently, and different works that he did.

Furthermore, it is said that Lee Jun Gi impressed the fans with his different performances, which he has been rehearsing every day for a long time.

Lee Jun Gi said, "I could finish everything successfully thanks to many fans' amazing support. I'm planning to have more active promotions in Japan in the near future, and I hope to meet the fans again with a new work as soon as possible."

On the other hand, Lee Jun Gi arrived back in Korea on December 11th, and he will be going through a bit of break for a while.

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