Lee Seung G chooses '1 Night 2 Days' as the most difficult show

Lee Seung Gi talked about his experience of '1 Night 2 Days'.

Recently, Lee Seung Gi talked about appearing on entertainment shows during a recently held interview with magazine '@star1'.

Lee Seung Gi chose '1 Night 2 Days' as the hardest entertainment show that he ever appeared on.

He continued "It's same as all other programs, but members of '1 Night 2 Days' had to bear even more responsibility. Everybody watched it!"

He also said, "There were so many abrupt variables as well. I had to be an all-rounded person in the show."

He added, "I watch the new '1 Night 2 Days' often. The program changed to something totally different. But, I think it was harsher when I was appearing on the show."

On the other hand, the full interview can be viewed on January edition of '@star1'.

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