'M!Countdown' to be held in Indonesia on July 3rd

'M! Countdown' will be held in Indonesia.

On July 3rd, 'M COUNTDOWN Halo-Indonesia' will be held at Mata Elang International Stadium located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

This year is '2013 Korea-Indonesia Friendship Year' as well, and it is expected that 'M Countdown' in Indonesia will be giving a significant influence in cultural trade of the two countries.

'M! Countdown' has been held in Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan in the past, but it is first time for it to be held in Indonesia.

Mnet recently decided to hold a show in Indonesia in thanks for supports that many Indonesian fans showed for 'K-Culture Life Style' and 'channel M' that CJ E&M is operating in 10 different countries.

K-Pop is currently very popular in Indonesia, and a great number of top K-Pop artists, including Super Junior and BigBang held concerts at Mata Elang International Stadium.

In addition, K-Pop is also giving large influences to Indonesian domestic music trend as well, and many fans are showing great reactions for 'M! Countdown' in Indonesia.

'M COUNTDOWN Halo-Indonesia' will be participated by a great number of K-Pop artists who have been running promotions from April until June.

The production team said, "We will be doing our best to show the most unique show."

On the other hand, further detailed informations about 'M COUNTDOWN' in Indonesia can be viewed on the official website.

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