′M-Live MO.A 2012 in Vietnam′ Concert to Feature ZE:A, Wonder Girls and More

To celebrate 20 years of diplomatic ties between Korea and Vietnam, CJ E&M will be holding a global concert titled M-Live MO.A in Vietnam.

The Concert Division at CJ E&M announced that M-Live MO.A in Vietnam will take place on November 25.

A rep from CJ E&M said, "Vietnam is one of the countries most touched by the Korean wave, and is close to Korea in that it shared its culture with the country early on. This is why we should approach the country with long term views, and continue to exchange cultures through well-made content."

Vietnam is well-known for having incorporated K-Pop into everyday life. Korean dramas even air in the country′s main channels.

M-Live MO.A in Vietnam will be divided into three parts to help the audience of 5,000 people enjoy not only Korean music, but also a variety of content. It will invite Korean singers and Vietnamese singers to perform on the same stage, providing opportunities for the two cultures to mix.

The first part, the Pre-Show, will show a performance of the non-verbal musical Bibap. Bibap is a musical about bibimbap, the Korean dish, and is expected to entertain Vietnamese audiences with its comical depiction of Korean food culture.

The local singers Thu Minh and Van Mai Huang will then perform and showcase recent Vietnamese pop.

The second part, the Main Opening, will feature performances by K-Pop stars Huh Gak, ZE:A, San-E, JJ Project and Hi.ni.

Hi.ni is a rookie who debuted through her OST piece Miss You for the tvN drama The Third Hospital.

Her name, Hi.ni, is a Vietnamese name her father gave her after he moved to Vietnam to work in the country. In full it is meant to mean ′a child with infinite potential′ in Vietnamese. Hi.ni has shown she is excited that she will be able to sing in front of her father.

The Main Show will be a full hour long concert by Wonder Girls.

The press conference for the concert was held in Vietnam on October 31. Vietnamese press reported on the event that "it′s unprecedented to have a concert put together in Korea be performed in Vietnam, and this is different from other examples in which Korean singers are invited to Vietnamese events. It is also much welcomed because the content of the concert is full of sights to see."

On November 23, a day before the actual concert, another press conference featuring the stars to perform in the concert will be held.

Reporter : Erika Kim (sangeunerika@cj.net)
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