MAXIM Korea 2012 model contest, who is the winner?

[by Joy Kim] Maxim Korea’s 2012 online model contest was an issue in two countries. Final round became a hot match between Korea and China. 

Every year, MAXIM magazine holds its online amateur model contests over 81 countries. Each country picks own models. The winner is decided by votes from online. 

Final round of 2012 MAXIM Korea model contest was an issue over the internet because last two contestants were Chinese American Danning Fu and Korean. It became a competition between internet users of Korea and China.  

Danning Fu’s competitor was model Um Sang mi. The news was spread through internet communities and Korean users fiercely voted for Um Sang mi. The voting ended on December 5th and the whole contest became a cyber-war. In the end, Danning Fu won the contest by 8 votes.

The competition between two models was a neck-and-neck race at fashion pictorials but at voting, Danning Fu had an advantage. Chinese users sweep the vote by numbers. Some questioned that how come a foreign contestant won the competition if the contest was held in Korea but MAXIM Korea says there was no limit for nationalities so it is not a problem. 

The winner gets a wealthy prize and 1 year model contract with MAXIM Korea. (Photo by MAXIM)  

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