MBLAQ to release new pictorial with COSMOPOLITAN

[by Chloe Yun] K-pop idol group MBLAQ released new fashion pictorial and interview with COSMOPOLITAN. 

Each members of MBLAQ—Joon, G.O, Cheon dung, MIR, and Seung ho—has been working separately in various fields such as TV drama, movie, variety show, and they are all united together for their comeback this Jun. 

In the COSMOPOLITAN pictorial, MBLAQ gives off much more mature and mannish charm than 5 years ago when they made a debut. 

At the interview, MBLAQ expressed excitement and a little bit of anxiety about its upcoming album, saying that the closer the comeback date come the more anxious they get. They also said that they mainly focused on emphasizing the “MBLAQ color” this time,  putting each member’s individual style into the album. 

Meanwhile, rest of MBLAQ’s pictorial and interview can be found on the June issue of COSMOPOLITAN. (photo by COSMOPOLITAN)

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