Min Ho captured during a soccer match in England

SHINee's Min Ho was captured during a soccer match in England.

On 28th(Korea time), soccer match between Queens Park Rangers and Sunderland took place at Stadium of Light.

Especially, QPR is largely popular among many soccer fans in Korea, because Park Ji Sung is in the team, and since Park Ji Sung finally got back on the field after overcoming his knee injury, many fans stayed up late to watch the game.

While camera showed the audience during the first half of the game, SHINee's Min Ho was captured among the audience.

Netizens made comments, such as "Min Ho was a soccer fan", "Park Ji Sung on the field, and Min Ho in the audience", and "I'd love to go and watch a soccer game in England myself."

On the other hand, Park Ji Sung joined the game during the second half of the game, and the result was 0:0.

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