miss A′s Suzy Draws on ′Show Champion′

Miss A′s Suzy is showing off her drawing skills yet again, proving she′s more than just a pretty face.

In the next episode of MBC Music’s Show Champion, Suzy’s drawings will be unveiled.

In the show’s backstage corner, Suzy will take it upon herself to portray MC Kim Shin Young and Shindong through her artistic talents as she whips out caricature drawings of the two MCs.

Shindong expressed satisfaction in his drawing telling Suzy, “You’re really good at drawing.”

Kim Shin Young, however, was less satisfied as she began instructing Suzy, “Draw it again. Raise my nose a little higher”, as Suzy went into post-production work on her Kim Shin Young drawing.

Suzy humorously shared on Kim Shin Young’s drawing, “The point of [Kim Shin Young’s] caricature is the wrinkles under her nose.”

The episode airs on November 20.

Photo Credit: MBC

Reporter : Stewart Ho (stoo@cj.net)
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