Miss-A show their sexy charisma in a new pictorial

Miss-A showed off their sexy charms through their new pictorial.

On 15th, Miss-A, who released 5th mini album 'I Don't Need A Man', revealed a new fashion pictorial of black see-through concept through November edition of magazine '1st Look'.

In the pictorial, Miss-A wore different black&white outfits, and showed their charismatic charms.

Furthermore, in individual cuts, they each showed looks that were never shown before, and made strong appeals. All of them showed urban, chic, and charismatic looks, and impressed people with their gorgeous looks.

During an interview that was held during the photo shooting, they told that they are going through busy days, but they are enjoying it very much. They also told that they enjoy how they can sing and perform on stage.

On the other hand, the full interview and pictorial can be viewed in 1st Look online and mobile 1st Look.

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