‘My PS Partner' Ji Sung talks about challenges he had to go through

Ji Sung talked about his love style.

On 27th, press conference and media premiere of movie 'My PS Partner' took place at CGV Yongsan branch, and Ji Sung, Kim Ah Joong, Shin So Yul, Kang Kyung Jun, and director Byun Sung Hyun attended.

Ji Sung said, "I can do anything for love, so it wasn't hard to express a nerdy character. But, I felt so sorry for my character after watching the final product today."

He continued, "There were many difficult things as well. I had many talks with the director, but I couldn't find out what was right or wrong. I really didn't like it how I had to do something without not being sure about it."

He also said, "I had to have confidence in myself, and wait until the end. I learned a lot through this movie, and I also found a different side of me."

On the other hand, 'My PS Partner' will be released on December 6th.

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