Nine Muses, why fluorescent color lipstick?

[by Yun Tae hong / translate by Kang Jung yeon] PSY sang to a world praising charm of woman; a woman who\'s warm and friendly by day, a woman whose heart heats up when night comes, a woman with a twist like that.

Nine Muses is one of those women. There was a commercial photo shoot at a studio in Sinsa, Seoul. In the studio, one of the Nine Muses member Kyung Ree caught eyes of staff pullin out a fluorescent color lipstick.

Yellow lipstick, the most prized possessions of Kyung Ree, is called reversal lipstick. It is gaining popularities between beauty early adapters.

It looks like it has a yellow color, but the color on the lips go against expectation. It colors lip like tint. The color of the reversal lipstick is change depends on the moist of the lips, so it can be used as a measurement for lip moist.

A member of Nine Muses Hye Mi used blue color lipstick, fly to the sky. As soon as putting on the lipstick, the blue color turns to a romantic pink color. With just a one touch, the color last for 12 hours. It has a plumping affect that swollen the lips.

It protects lips just like an oily lip balm. It contains macadamia nut oil, simmondsia chinensis seed oil, almond oil to keep lips moisturized. (photo from bntnews DB)

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