No Hong chul gets over broadcast accidents with careful thoughts

[by Lee Hyung joon / translated by Cho Suyoun] No Hong chul’s coping ability with broadcast accidents is being a hot issue these days.

On April 20th, MBC’s music program revived the ranking system in seven years and it was a pandemonium. The show hosts kept making mistakes such as announcing the first rank for twice and since it was live, it made the audience feel very uncomfortable.

SHINee’s Minho and 15 year old actress Kim So hyun debut for the first time as show hosts in entertainment program so they kept making mistakes. However, No Hong chul who is also the show’s host corrected the problems every time and led the program.

When the two hosts announced the winner for two times, No Hong chul said immediately that “I think the graph is wrong. Since the system has been changed, we are a bit confused.” Then he said apology to K.Will and Infinite for their mistake. It was a moment to notice how veteran he is.

Due to the accident, the three show hosts were beaten by some of the audiences, but some said great things about them too; the combination of No Hong chul, Kim So hyun, and Minho. As the producers intended, it was a great choice to harmonize people from 10s to 30s since each of them represent 30s, 20s, and 10s. 

Their fashion was also great. As Minho has such a great body proportion, he wore a classic suit while Kim So hyun put on a pink mini dress. She also put on a ribbon on head that reminded people of a Barbie doll.

No Hong chul, as a fashion CEO, showed the most unique fashion styling among them. He put on a tuxedo suit like Minho but wore a thick cummerbund to emphasize the body line and also put on a cat hair band that Girls’ Generation used to wear a lot. 

Though he is over thirty, he did not give up on fashion by having thick wave hair, and he got many praises from the audience that No Hong chul is the only person who can do it. His hosting ability is a hot issue, but the unique styling is also the hot keyword of him.

As he is CEO of, his styling chronology is also expected to get better and better. It will be a fun watch for the audience what kind of item he will put on in TV.

In the first episode, three hosts all put on suits and dress to stick to formality but from this week, they will begin to be more creative with their fashion. If one is having trouble with style change as the season has changed, try to find the answer from No Hong Chul’s show host styling. (photo captured from MBC \'Show Music Core\', photo by

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