No Hong Chul’s styling tip: be creative and unique!

[by Lee Hyung joon / translated by Cho Suyoun] Entertainer No Hong chul’s show host styling is becoming an issue among the audience. No Hong chul recently has been selected as main show host at ‘Show! Music core’ and is showing excellent leading skills in the program.

On April 20th, the first day of the show, other hosts kept making mistakes but No Hong chul led the other two and the show could go well without any problems. 

On this day, his skillful reaction was a hot issue on the internet but what captured more eyes was his unique styling. As he is a well-known fashionista in the entertainment industry, many audiences are expecting more about his fashion than his hosting ability in the show. 

On April 29th, a photo of No Hong chul’s spring fashion was revealed on an online community. It looked like waiting room of ‘Show! Music Core’ and he again put on unique printed white clothing and looked very special.

On his head, he put on a cat hairband in the first episode, but this time he changed it to a neon color and matched with white boots and layering fashion. Clothes of other hosts were not in the photo but it was obvious that his clothes are the most unique one among all.

As his clothes are known to be from his own shopping mall, it is getting more attentions from people. His passion toward fashion can be clearly seen here as he wears his own clothing for the program.

This was not the first time that he put on clothes that were made by his shopping mall. At 2011 MBC entertainment show award, he put on a dress for men as award fashion and his name was ranked on top of the portal website. It was known that he actually participated in designing the dress.

What he wears in upcoming episode is also made by co-CEO Kim Tae Yong of his shopping mall and other designer teams of his mall. It is made out of unique neo-plant that could only be worn by No Hong chul.

As can be seen, aims to make a difference from other shopping malls by making unique clothing by themselves. They are beloved by many fashion people. No Hong chul has a clear brand identity and competes with others by creating such unique items. (photo by

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