Park Ji Min to debut in October

Park Ji Min is debuting as a duet in October.

On 20th, an official from JYP Entertainment told that Park Ji Min will debut as a duet member in October, and maker her first debut.

He said, "The duet's team name is '15&', and the other member will be of the same age as Park Ji Min. We can't give more details about the partner, but she's got a phenomenal talent, and we call her 'genius'."

Park Ji Min signed a management contract with JYP Entertainment after winning in SBS 'K-POP Star' last year, and she is finally having her official debut after 5 months of preparation period.

Furthermore, Baek Ah Yeon, who also participated in 'K-POP Star' with Park Ji Min, recently released her debut album, and music fans are showing great interest in the two's competition.

On the other hand, Baek Ah Yeon is currently the only debuted 'K-POP Star'.

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