Park Yu Chun growing largely popular in China

Park Yu Chun is growing largely popular in Japan.

Recently, number of members of Park Yu Chun's fan community in China went over 130,000.

In October, approximately 5,000 fans participated in 'Park Yu Chun China Fan Meeting Request Signature Campaign', and drew many people's attention.

Regarding Park Yu Chun's popularity in China, C-JeS Entertainment said, "Park Yu Chun's popularity in China is explosive. Different internet websites and TV channels are full of news about Park Yu Chun.

His popularity started growing significantly after 'Rooftop Prince', and it became the most viewed Korean drama on 'YouKu(优酷)', which is one of the largest video streaming website in China. Even though it's been over 6 months since the drama finished, the number of views is strill growing constantly.

Furthermore, Park Yu Chun's recent drama, 'I Miss You' is also growing largely popular on the website.

A local official said, "Park Yu Chun's popularity is way beyond people's expectation. It seems that the fans are falling for the charms that he is showing in different dramas, and the care he shows for the fans by frequently visiting China. It seems that his popularity will continue growing larger for a while."

Currently, Park Yu Chun is casting in 'I Miss You'.

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