‘Pieta' wins 'Best Foreign Language Film' at Satellite Awards

'Pieta' won the 'Best Foreign Language film' award at Satellite Awards.

On 16th (local time), the 17th Satellite Awards, hosted by International Press Academy, was held in LA, and movie 'Pieta' won the 'Best Foreign Language Film' award.

Satellite Awards is an annual awards ceremony that is hosted by International Press Academy, and awards are given to films under 19 categories, 12 TV broadcast categories, 7 DVD categories, and 5 video game categories.

'Pieta' was nominated for the 'Best Foreign Language' award and the 'Best Director' award, and it won 'Best Foreign Language' award with 'Untouchable: Friendship of 1%'.

'Pieta' won over many other hard competitors, and it seems that it stands a great chance to be nominated at the Academy Awards, which is happening on January 10th.

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