Plastic Surgery, overcome appearance complex and turns live around

[by Kim Bo hee / translated by Kang Jung yeon] People usually visit plastic surgical hospital just because to overcome their appearance complex. However, plastic surgical hospital is having its golden age since it turns live around of a person.

It gave a power to a people who have been ignored or had a problem meeting people. It gave them self-confidence and joy of life. Recently, TV programs are introducing the story of people who is living in a different life after plastic surgery, and this news are changing people’s perspective.

Anonymous A works harder than everyone at her work, hair salon. However, because of her appearance complex, she always worked with her face half covered with her hair. Because of her appearance she lost chance to talk with other people and even had a severe depression.

Her final decision was face-off. To change her live and to overcome her appearance complex, she appeared at a makeover TV show. 

She is having her best time looking like a goddess after fat transplantation, facial bone contouring surgery, square jaw reduction, and cheekbone reduction.

She had a jaw like a man people saying “You could have been look better if you were a guy.” 

Anonymous B were just like Anonymous A. She had a square jaw, protruding mouth, and prominent cheekbones. She had appearance complex just like anonymous A did.

After long working life, she even had a fear of being around people and a social phobia. Anonymous B had a work treadmill which only goes her work place and her house.

The thing that dragged her out of her treadmill was a plastic surgery. She had a facial bone contouring surgery which reduced her square jaw, chin, and cheek bone. With prosthesis, her face looks much smaller slimmer and sophisticated.

After the face off, she is living her life with confidence. People always treated her like she is invisible, but now she is living her own life with full of happiness. 

However, indiscriminate plastic surgery is not recommended. Satisfaction can be different between people, but the surgery should be decided after careful thought. 

Having a consult by specialist before having the surgery is important. The decision should be made when the surgery is needed.

The director of a JK plastic surgical hospital, Joo Kwon, said “plastic surgery is becoming a power to turns live around of people. However, the decision to do the surgery should be made after careful thought and done at a hospital with specialist and consultant.” 

(by JK plastic surgical hospital)