Production press conference of new film The Flu (2013) to be held

[by Joy Kim / Photo by Kim Chi yoon] The team sprit of the film The Flu (2013) was good, and all the actors spoke highly of actress Soo Ae. 

On 9th of July, product press conference of the film The Flu (2013) was held at Apgugjeong-dong CGV with the film director Kim Sung soo and the main casts including Jang Hyuk, Soo Ae, Park Min ha, Ma Dong suk, and Lee Hee jun. 

At the press conference, Jang hyuk said when Soo Ae arrived to the scene it felt like a escape from abandonned city. Ma Dong suk said she was like a goddess to the entire team. Lee Hee jun added she was the reason why he chose the film. 

Soo Ae answered with smile that it was all because she was the only actress at the scene. 

Meanwhile, The Flu (2013) is about a story of deadly virus H5N1 which spreads through air and kills the prey within 36 hours.The movie will be released nation wide on 15th of August.  

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