PSY yells 'Cheers Korea' in America

PSY yelled 'Cheers Korea' in America.

On May 3rd (Korean time), PSY appeared on NBC 'Today Show', and performed 'Gangnam Style' and his new song, 'Gentle Man'.

During his appearance, he drew many people's attention by yelling 'Cheers Korea'.

As one of the MCs said, "'Gentle Man' received 260 million views on YouTube, and that is about the same with the total population of America. Were you not surprised?" Then, PSY said, "The total population of Korea is 50 million. What more can I say."

Especially, PSY said "Cheers Korea" in Korean, and the MC asked what it means, he told what it means in English.

On the other hand, he will be appearing during May 6th broadcast of ABC 'Live With Kelly and Michael' as well.

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