Romantic Makeup tips from female celebrities in love

[by Choi Hye min / translated by Chloe Yun] There have been a lot of love scandals in the K-wave world. It seems like a trend among celebrities to open their relationships to the public, being honest and confident about their love.  

From such top celebrities as Kim Min hee and Han Hye jin to 18-year-old idol star Hyeri from Girl’s Day, we analyzed the romantic makeup tips of those three celebrities in love. Let’s learn how they give off their lovely atmosphere that makes them even prettier. 
The three full-of-love stars are sharing one thing in common: they all have healthy, glowing skin. 

Heavy makeup is a big No because it covers up your natural glow and color of skin. Then, let’s check up on the three stars’ lovely makeup how-toes. 

PURE Han Hye jin’s makeup that captured the eyes of a much younger boyfriend

Actress Han Hye jin (31) and star soccer player Ki Sung yueng (24) had denied their relationship for a long time, and have finally admitted it in March, by the boyfriend confirming their romance via his SNS website. 

Han Hye jin doesn\'t put a lot of make ups. She usually wears so-called ‘pure makeup,’ lightly coloring cheeks and lip and adding more volume to lip with a lip gloss. She also emphasizes her big, kind eyes with thin eyeliner. 

Han Hye jin also creates a glowing look with ‘baby face’ base makeup that makes skin look powdery and glowing at the same time. This makeup makes her look 10 years younger, covering up the age difference with her young boyfriend. 

NATURAL Kim Min Hee’s makeup that raised Zo In sung’s pulse rate 

After News outlet Dispatch unveiled their paparazzi pictures, the two celebrities’ agencies officially confirmed their relationship on April 24th.The agencies explained that Zo In sung and Kim Min hee have been dating for the last 4 months and that they are still getting to know each other. 

From makeup to hair, Kim Min hee always sticks to her natural, effortless-chic styles. Rather than glamorous long wave hair, she prefers natural medium-length hair style. She also likes a natural makeup, just putting a hint of color on her lip. 

Kim Min hee also creates deep eyes with brown-tone eye shadow and matches them with pink lipstick. The key of her glamorous look is the natural eye makeup that makes people wonder, “Is she wearing makeup or not?” She does not draw thick eyeliner so that she can make her beautiful, arch-shaped eyebrows stand out. 

Trendy Girl’s Day Hyeri who overcomes the age difference of 16 years

Idol girl group Girl’s Day’s Hyeri (18) has recently confirmed her relationship with HOT’s Tony (34). The two stars’ agencies explained that they are still in a phase of getting to know each other. 

As a rising idol star, Hyeri shows off various makeups in accordance with TPOs (Time, Place, and Occasion). At the airport, she wore brown-tone eye shadow and pink lipstick, radiating her feminine charm. On the other hands, she pulls off charismatic performance on the stage with heavy smoky makeup and deep red lip.  

Hyeri wears eye makeup that emphasizes her clear-cut features and base makeup that creates silky, glowing look. She emphasizes the slight droop in the outer corners of her eyes with eyeliners, which makes her look even more kind and cuter. 

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