S/S fashion trend preview, Denim

[by Yoon Hee na / translated by Kang Jung yeon] One of the notable 2013 S/S trend is denim.

2013 denim style became more formal and unique than before. CHANEL, GUCCI, BALMAIN, STEVEJ & YONIP, and etc is suggesting a various style of denim products that denim products foe real way fashion is being expected.

80s trend vintage retro denim item will be also trend this year. With this vintage retro denim item, formal denim look and girlish style will be in trend also. Besides the skinny jean, girlish looking denim dress and mannish looking denim vest is popular.

Vintage funky denim look

Denim wear is easy to wear as a vintage street fashion. Denim jacket which was a trend last year has become more casual. With boxy fit, it can be worn as a boyfriend look.

If worn with skirt or unique pants, it looks funky. 4 minute Hyun A completed her unique style with tattoo stocking. Miss A Zia wore boyish look by matching a denim jacket with camouflage printed T-shirt.

Girlish denim look

On of the change on this season is that denim design became girlish. Instead of casual boyish image, she chose various printed items looking cute. With Printed denim mini dress, patch worked or an embroidered flare skirt is looks different than before.

Jung Yoo mi wore unique denim dress looking feminine. The dress wore patched with black clothes on the front and balloon retailed looking cute. As a point, she wore burgundy color knee socks and hair band.

Sensible denim & denim fashion

With the Retro style in trend, denim fashion in 80s to 90s will be in trend. 80s and 90s denim trend is to wear denim wear on top and bottom. Wearing denim on top and bottom looks easy but it is not easy as it looks.

If want to wear sophisticated denim look, instead of matching it with the same tone, matching it with different color is important.

A member of Girls Generation Jessica matched denim shirt with denim pants. With this denim fashion, she wore loose fit cardigan and wore brown color bag and shoes. (photo by Style nanda, bntnews DB) 

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