SECRET & B.A.P showing a special collaboration

SECRET and B.A.P are making a collaboration.

On 28th, SECRET and B.A.P's agency, TS Entertainment, said, "SECRET and B.A.P will be making a special collaboration performance during a year-end music festival."

They said, "The three members of SECRET without Zinger and B.A.P will be showing a collaboration performance on 'SBS K-POP Battle' and 'MBC K-POP Battle'."

SECRET will be re-starting their promotion on 28th. Especially, B.A.P members have been telling the they want to make collaboration performances with the singers in the same agency since their debut, and it seems that their dream is finally becoming true.

However, Zinger, who is still recovering from the car accident side effect, will not be able to join the collaboration.

On the other hand, Han Sun Hwa and Young Jae's duet, 'All Pretty' is currently dominating in various music charts.

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