SECRET reveals Zinger's teaser image

SECRET revealed Zinger's teaser image of 'Talk That'.

SECRET's new song, 'TALK THAT', is getting released on December 4th, and on 28th, SECRET's agency, TS Entertainment, released Zinger's teaser image.

In the teaser image, Zinger, who has been showing more of confident and strong impression in the past, is showing a totally different look.

Especially, her gorgeous look in the white dress, curvy body shape, and sad facial expression are showing a totally different side of her that was never seen before, and many fans are showing explosive reactions.

Song Ji Eun and Jeon HyoSung's teaser images were revealed prior to Zinger's image, and many fans are showing great anticipation for their return.

On the other hand, Han Sun Hwa's teaser will be released on 29th.

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