Seo In Guk talks about his guarantee

Seo In Guk told that his drama casting guarantee got higher.

On 12th, Seo In Guk appeared on MBC 'Golden Fishery - Radio Star' with Lee Sung Jae, and Ryu Soo Young.

Seo In Guk was asked if his guarantee went up after casting in 'Love Rain', and he replied, "I think it did, because I was only a rookie back then."

Then, Lee Sung Jae said, "Seo In Guk told me that he will buy a new car. He casted in a music video a while ago, and after driving a super expensive car, he told me that."

Seo In Guk told that he drives a Korean automobile, and said, "I'm actually begging my agency president to change my car."

On the other hand, Ryu Soo Young revealed his childhood nickname.

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