Seulong, actor and a good looking model even with a cast

[by Joy Kim] Seulong, a member of K-pop group 2AM, had a successful screen debut from the movie 26 Years and filmed a fashion pictorial with 1st Look magazine. 

He told that he lost 9 kilograms for this pictorial shoot. The pictorial shoot went well and all of the results turned out great and Seulong proved his maturity and sexiness.  
Although he had a cast on his foot, he looked like a gentlemen with a class when he was shooting with all black suit. 

After the shoot, Seulong had interview. He said “I really loved the original cartoon of the movie. The scenario fascinated me as well.” That was his reason to decide the movie. 
Also he said that he learned an important lesson from actor Jin Goo. “He taught me the importance of working with all the staffs and actors.” “After I memorized all of their names, I felt more attached to the movie.” He confessed. 

He talked about how to be a good actor. “A good actor needs to have good personality, techniques and acting mind. If you work well with the staffs, you will have all of them.” His answer showed how he was passionate about his acting career. 

When he was asked about how he prepared for the movie, he said “I had a lot of lessons and saw lot of movies and drama. Also I tried drank a lot with other actors, which made me sick in the end.” 

About his singing career, he answered that the debut made him more competitive and fierce. He said music made him stronger and acting made him more relaxed. 
Meanwhile rest of the interview and photos will be available on 1st Look magazine online and mobile website. (Photo by 1st Look) 

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