Shin Hye Sung reveals his new album jacket

Shin Hye Sung's new album jacket and behind video was revealed.

On 13th, the album jacket and making video of Shin Hye Sung's new solo album, SHIN HYE SUNG WINTER ALBUM ‘WINTER POETRY', was uploaded on the official website of his agency, Live Works Company.

Photographer Kim Bo Ha, who worked with Jun Ji Hyun, Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Sun Gyun, and many other top celebrities, participated in the new album jacket.

The warm and comfortable hue and Shin Hye Sung's emotional looks are particularly impressive.

The making video, which is about 2 minutes in length, shows Shin Hye Sung concentrating on his shooting, and many fans' anticipation for the new album is growing larger.

On the other hand, Shin Hye Sung's new album will be released on December 4th.

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