SHINee as romantic zombies? announced comeback wih new song Why So Serious

[by Joy Kim] k-pop group SHINee announced comeback, in concept of romantic zombies who fall in love with human girl.

For their third official album, new song \'Why So Serious?\' will be the title track and show strong and masculine side of SHINee, different from \'Dream Girl\' with new style of music and performance. 

The title song \'Why So Serious?\' shows mixture of dance-pop and electronic sound and Funk Rock. Lyrics tells a story about a romantic zombie falling in love with human girl. 

Their teaser clip will be released on 22nd of April for the fans who are waiting for SHINee\'s comeback. The third official album of SHINee, Chapter 2 \'Why So Serious - The misconceptions of me\' will be released on 26th of April through various online music sites and albums will be sold from 29th of April.

Meanwhile, SHINee\'s comeback stage will be planned on 26th of April at KBS Music Bank. (photo by SM Entertainment) 

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