Sistar Dasom, all in one person; sexy, girlish, lovely, and cute

[by Kim Hee ok / translated by Kang Jung yeon] Dasom a member of K-pop star Sistar is getting credits from her KBS drama as an actress. Public reflects that the the she is the most popular in her group.

Dasom is juggling two job; singing and acting. She shows different charm and image on stage and on screen. She wears casual look in her drama and girlish or sexy look on stage.

Dasom’s knit wear look 

In a drama, she is showing her nice student and cheerful character with knit wear. Knit wear looks casual and comfortable. Dark color knit wear can be look girlish by adding pattern. She also wore mostly light color such as pink or yellow.

With loose fit, knit wear with hot pants or chiffon dress. In the drama, she doesn’t dress all fancy or trendy because her character is a student.

Airport fashion, patterned blouse

They styling of celebrities in the airport always draw attention. The styling gets attention because people has desire to mimic the real way look of the celebrity they like.

In the airport, Dasom shows natural styling with shirt, denim, or cardigan. The point of this basic style is a pattern.

She matched white blouse with dark blue jean looking chic and casual. She had a red color bag as a point of her style.

Sexy lady look on stage

On the stage, she usually wears short costume. However, she still shows lovely image in her sexy look. 

She showed off her shapely legs with tight top with flare skirt. Her pattern dress in vivid color makes her look lovely. (photo by 2fb, bntnews DB, KBS drama The family)

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