'SISTAR19' Hyo Rin & Bora send out new year's message

Hyo Rin and Bora showed beautiful looks in Hanbok.

On February 9th, SISTAR's agency revealed photos of Hyo Rin and Bora wearing Hanbok, celebrating the Korean New Year.

In the photos, Hyo Rin and Bora are making bright smiles, and their beautiful and graceful looks, which are quite different from the ones they show on stage, are arousing explosive reaction among many fans.

Hyo Rin wrote, "The Korean New Year is tomorrow, but I'll give an early message. Have a great time with your family, and happy new year! We will spend our day on stage."

StarShip Entertainment also wrote, "Thank you for the amazing love and support that you showed for SISTAR. I hope everything will be done as you wish in the new year."

On the other hand, SISTAR19 recently released a new album, and their title track 'Gone Not Around Any Longer' are currently dominating in various music charts.

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