Skincare secret of male celebrities

[by Park Jin jin / translated by Chloe Yun] There are a number of male idol stars who show off their baby-looking soft skins. Let’s find out how those male celebrities keep their skin silky and milky in spite of their busy schedule. 

Male celebrities usually wear heavier, stronger makeup than general people do, so it is no exception for them to avoid skin troubles. Then, what on earth do they do to make their skin glowing all the time? 

People might think that celebrities would spend a lot of money on special ‘celebrity skin treatment.’ But the truth is, they usually can’t make time for any skincare treatments out of their tight schedules. So it is not reasonable to think spending much money will result in good skin. 

Rather, male celebrities do have their own special skincare tips. When asked about the tips, most talk about how they wash their faces. Cleansing is the primary step of skincare.  

Cleansing is considered the base of skincare. Expensive cosmetic products would be no use if you pay little attention to cleansing. Ineffective cleansing results in sebum accumulation, which ruins skin texture and causes acne. 

One of the ‘celebrity cleansing secrets’ is RS Face Towel. Facial cleansing towels reach deep inside the pores and completely eliminate the wastes that cause skin troubles. RS Face Towel is made of organic fibers, so it suits sensitive skin types as well. 

Choosing the right skin care products is significant for man. Rather than choosing a product by brand popularity, it is important to pick the correct one that can solve your skin problem. 

RS EGF Bomber for Men is a mild cleanser that suits sensitive skin types. It repairs skin damage and controls sebum production, preventing skin from potential skin troubles. 

Moreover, its EGF ingredient, which won the Nobel Prize for Medicine, nourishes and replenishes the look of ageing skin. RS EGF Bomber for Men is especially good for those with oily or combination skin types. 

If you seek for boyish-looking skin, change the most fundamental step of skincare. Do not choose a product because it is expensive and popular. If you pay a little more attention to skincare and choose the right products for your skin types, you will gain as glowing and healthy skin as that of idol stars.  

Two change-of-seasons skincare tips to remember: facial cleansing towel for skin wastes removal and the aftercare step with moisturizing product for repairing and cell-reproduction. 

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