Son Dam Bi reveals her new album jacket

Son Dam Bi revealed he album jacket of her 4th mini album 'Dripping Tears'.

On November 1st and 6th, Son Dam Bi revealed teaser image and teaser video of her new album, and on 8th she revealed the new album jacket through Naver Music.

The album jacket's new concept intensified Son Dam Bi's sexy charms, and Son Dam Bi also successfully brought out her mature and graceful looks as well.

Her charisma and unique aura is making many fans' anticipation even higher than ever.

Her agency said, "Son Dam Bi's enthusiasm for the new album is great than ever. She will come up with a performance that is way ahead of what she showed in the album jacket."

On the other hand, Son Dam Bi's 4th mini album 'Dripping Tears' will be released on 12th.

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