Son Dam Bi successfully finishes romantic cinema event

Son Dam Bi held a romantic cinema event.

On 18th, the event was held at Mega Box Yi Soo branch, and Son Dam Bi, who is currently the hottest style icon in Korea, met up with approximately 100 female fans.

The event was held under the title of 'Son Dam Bi's Fashion Is Confidence', and Son Dam Bi invited randomly selected 100 fans who subscribed the website that Son Dam Bi makes posts related styling and fashion.

After watching movie 'One Day' together, she had talks about the movie with fans, and handed out gifts that she prepared for the fans.

Son Dam Bi's agency said, "We prepared this event because there were a great number of questions about Son Dam Bi's styling and information. It was a meaningful and memorable time for Son Dam Bi."

Netizens made comments, such as "She's always so nice", "I'd love to watch movie with Son Dam Bi as well! Why not prepare something for men next time?", and "Those ladies are so lucky."

On the other hand, Son Dam Bi recently released her 4th mini album 'Dripping Tears'.

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