[Star of the Week] [Song Review] SISTAR19 Channels SISTAR in ′Gone Not Around Any Longer′

Whenever you miss seeing girls that aren′t all pearly white and skinny, you can always turn to SISTAR.

SISTAR is a girl group well known for its catchy songs and sexy image; in an age when girl idols mostly concentrate on getting white skin and slender limbs, the SISTAR members appeal with their healthy, tanned skin and voluminous curves. The group′s music gets heads bouncing and bodies shaking, while the choreography manages to emphasize the group′s sexy image at the same time.

From this group branched SISTAR19, which matched together members Hyolyn and Bora in a unit. The unit made the logical choice of employing Hyolyn, as the main vocalist of the group, and Bora, who balances it out with her position as rapper.

The unit′s new song, Gone Not Around Any Longer, again delivers exactly what we would expect from SISTAR. It proves Hyolyn′s ability to perfectly control her sultry voice, while its jazzy, sexy and somewhat melancholic mood lets it shine like a smoldering fire in the cold.

The question is, however, whether the unit serves any new purpose to the group or the members.

Gone Not Around Any Longer, as well as the group′s previous singles, could just as easily have been sung by the other SISTAR members. It′s too easy to imagine Soyou and Dasom taking over some parts of the song and dancing to its moves.

It′s great that the unit manages to channel the original SISTAR, but considering how unit groups are usually launched to show some new sides never before seen from the group′s members, SISTAR19 seems fairly inefficient in comparison.

Infinite H showcases hip-hop the members were never able to perform as Infinite, 2Yoon chooses to go a country route never seen in 4minute and Orange Caramel is the cute opposite of the sexy and leggy After School. Each unit shines on its own with its own image, but SISTAR19 is too much of a mere breakoff from SISTAR.

It especially doesn′t help that Bora′s rap deals little impact at all to the identity of the unit. Her rap parts deliver no emotion at all, and it merely makes the song feel more like a Hyolyn solo piece featuring Bora rather than a unit piece.

We can′t deny that Hyolyn′s vocals are great, as always, but it just seems the unit and the song doesn′t pull out the full potential she, and her group members, have hidden inside them.

Photo credit: Starship Entertainment

Reporter : Erika Kim (sangeunerika@cj.net)
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