Stem Cell is the New Technology in Breast Augmentation

[by Shin Na Young / translated by Cho Suyoun] Today, the standard of beauty is having a healthy looking body rather than skinny one. When referring a healthy looking body line, it means a firm body with curvy breast shape. In women’s body, voluptuous breast size plays a key role.

Reflecting this trend, women today are paying a great attention to stem cell breast augmentation technology.
Among all types of breast implants, the choice depends on one’s body shape. Depending on the original breast shape and desiring shapes, the right implant method can be applied.

# Breast prostheses

Prosthesis is the most effective method in increasing size. This type is suitable for those who have a complex of about small breast shapes. For those who already have some volumes, prostheses of rounded-shape is suitable while prostheses of water drop shape is great for those with small size originally.

However, there is an issue raised in safety since prosthesis is not an actual part of human body. As time flies, there may be side-effects.

# Autotransplantation

As issues were raised, people now favor autotransplantation over foreign substances. Autotransplantation may not increase the size as much as prosthesis does, but it provides much natural shape and does not leave any scar unlike prosthesis type.

Since fats from other body parts are used in augmentation, it is especially favored by those who consider weight loss or liposuction.

However, body fats have a limit in that they start to wash away as time goes by. Therefore, it requires many times of re-touching process to keep up with the size.

# Stem cell Autotransplantation

Reflecting flaws of the two implant types, the newly developed technology is stem cell autotransplantation. As extracted stem-cells and fat cells are planted together in breast, the percentage of engraftment is much higher than the regular autotransplantation.

This type also does not have any side-effect since one’s own fats are used. However, what\'s better is that stem cell type does not require any re-touching process compared to the regular type. The successful rate of engraftment used to be 20~30%, but stem cell type raised it up to 70%. As a result, many patients show satisfaction toward their newly developed breast size.

Regarding this technology, Dr. Shin Dong Jin at SC301 Plastic Surgery said, “Stem cell procedure requires very sensitive details so a surgery must be done by an experienced doctor. If the procedure is not done carefully, fats will be washed away eventually.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Shin is a director at Korea’s stem cell plastic surgery association and is known to be the pioneer of stem cell technology in Korea. The doctor is also famous for having an experience of operating more than 2,000 surgeries. (photo by SC301)

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