[Styling Tip] How to Look Trendy in Padding Wear

[by Cho Suyoun] Padding Wear is not something that people wear to go to super market anymore. Today, padding is clothes that people look for more than coats and it is truly the leading item in winter. Some of the premium padding wears cost so much, but since it lasts for  so many years, people think it’s worth to buy. Then, let’s see how to look trendy in premium outers!

For women, long padding coat is favored the most as it counts fashion and warmth at the same time. Long padding coats can make women look slimmer, but goose down provides such amazing thermo effects.

Complete Perfect Styling with Accessories! 

Now that padding’s got warmth, let’s add some style with accessories. To match, leather strap watch looks much better than steel type. In addition, mono tone like like grey, brown or black looks better than vivid colors because it bring calm and stable mood.

In addition, it is recommended to choose shoes and bag in leather material for luxurious career woman look. Then pick a scarf to protect yourself from cold air. (photo by Feragamo Watch, KUHO, PEUTEREY)

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