Sung Si Kyung appears on 'Sketchbook' as two different people

Sung Si Kyung appeared in one show as two different identities.

On 21st, Sung Si Kyung appeared on KBS 2TV 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook - Christmas Special' as two different identities.

MC Sung Si Kyung appeared on the stage as a special MC, and MC Sung Si Kyung invited singer Sung Si Kyung up on the stage.

MC Sung Si Kyung introduced, "This guy is showing some great job on '1 Night 2 Days'. A heart-melting voice, and a true singer."

Then, he asked singer Sung Si Kyung, "I heard your height is 2m 5cm, and shoe size is 320mm. Is it true?"

Singer Sung Si Kyung replied, "That's what Yoo Hee Yeol said. How can a radio show host make such big lies. You should be careful, too. You'll never recover once you get tripped by it."

Sung Si Kyung showed humorous characters by appearing as two different figures, and he made a successful show.

On the other hand, netizens made comments, such as "It was hilarious" and "What a guy."

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