T-ara N4 introduces new fashion trend: Hip Hop + Funky

[by Yoon Hee na / translated by Chloe Yun] K-pop girl group T-ara recently introduced its first subunit, T-ara N4. 

T-ara N4, formed by 4 T-ara members, Eun jung, Hyo min, Ji yeon, and Areum, made its debut in the beginning of this May. Its title track ‘Countryside life’ is a hip hop dance song with catchy lyrics and melody.  

T-ara N4 is planning to make U.S. debut in Las Vegas as the group is invited to American Hip hop star Chris Brown’s concert as a guest performer. 

T-ara N4’s unique fashion has also become a hot issue. T-ara has been known for its signature retro, feminine style, but this time they introduces far-out funky look. From its funky, sporty costumes on the stage to vintage, real-wear outfits, their fashion has become one of the hottest issues among online communities. 

◆ The title is ‘Countryside Life,’ but the look is funky and sporty

T-ara N4’s stage costumes are as unique and fun as its title track ‘Countryside Life.’ As sportswear has risen up as new fashion trend, T-ara N4 shows a combination of sporty and funky style. At 2013 Dream concert, the group created a unique style by reforming big-sized basketball uniforms in its own style. 

Ji yeon matched her green boxy uniform with gold short pants and bold jewelry, adding some boyish feeling to her look with a binni hat. Eun jung also created a unique style as she matched her red one-piece with a hip hop hat.

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◆ T-ara N4’s bling bling fashion at the press conference 

T-ara N4 sticks to its funky hip hop stage costume even when they attend other public events. 

On May 20th, the group held a press interview for its US debut, and their funky look attracted much public attention. All the members matched their boxy gold printed t-shirt with big gold accessories.  

Eun jung created a sexy funky look with an oversize gold print t-shirt and unique style stocking. Hyo min also wore a boxy man to man t-shirt, matching with a hip hop hat to create a casual look. Ji yeon matches her sleeveless t-shirt with gold-detailed shorts, appealing her individual style. 

◆ T-ara N4’s funky airport style 

On May 23th, T-ara N4 showed up at Incheon International airport on their way to the US. Each member’s distinctive airport style caught the eyes of fans and reporters. 

All the members showed similar styles as though they matched their outfits. Especially Hyo min and Ji yeon both wore a print black t-shirt and ragged jeans, showing off similar, but somehow different street fashion from each other. They also styled up the looks with unique shoes and hip hop hats.

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