Take a peek at the secret of celebrities shimmering face?

[by Kim Bo hee / translated by Kang Jung yeon] The top of the search word list in beauty section is ‘celebrities’ shimmering face’.

The TV is monitor is becoming more and more high end. However celebrities still show flawless skin even on HD screen. Unlike other part of body, skin needs continuous care to feel the difference. 

Career women concern their skin being lusterless and dry. All the stress from work, over time work and late-night meals or snack makes the skin worse and worse.

If doesn’t have much time for consistent skin care, focus on Hydro Lifting. Hydro Lifting makes the skin tone clearer and brighter. It treats wrinkles and aging like Botox.

It can be used on every part of face such as fore head, around eyes, between eyes, around lips, chin, jaw, neck and even cleavage. For those busy office workers, the person can massage one’s face or wash face right after the day of treatment.

The method of the treatment is simple. With special equipment called DermaQueen, it injects certain amount of Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid keeps the moist in skin which keeps the skin firm and moist.

Human are born with Hyaluronic Acid but it start to fade and decrease as age. The decrease is cause by expose of sunlight and stress.

Hydro Lifting which injects the Hyaluronic Acid is being loved since it is an eco-biological method to treat wrinkles.

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