TEEN TOP reveals their new MV

Music video of TEEN TOP's I Want To Love' is bringing back the nostalgia of Hong Kong films from 1980s.

TEEN TOP released music video of their new song, 'I Want To Love', which was shot entirely in Hong Kong.

The members transformed into the actors in old Hong Kong films, and the concept is bringing back the nostalgia for Hong Kong films of 1980s.

They revived a number of different scenes from famous Hong Kong films, and their impressive acting and expression are drawing many people's attention.

'I Want To Love' is a song that expresses a man's desire to start a new love.

As soon as the song was released on 15th, TEEN TOP topped in a great number of online music websites, alluding another major boom.

On the other hand, TEEN TOP will be releasing their first full album 'No.1' on February 25th, and their first showcase 'TEENTOP FIRST ALBUM SHOWCASE' is happening on February 26th.

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