TEEN TOP starting Europe tour in 2013

TEEN TOP is starting their Europe Tour in 2013.

In 2013, TEEN TOP will be starting their Europe tour, and have a huge first step of the year.

After PSY grew globally popular with 'Gangnam Style', BigBang toured around Asia, North and South America, and Europe. In 2013, TEEN TOP will be taking over the baton of K-POP boom.

TEEN TOP will be starting their Europe tour 'TEEN TOP SHOW! Live tour in Europe 2013' in München, Germany, and also perform in England, France, and Spain.

TEEN TOP was introduced in a famous French TV show, 'Le Grand Journal', back in February. The show introduced TEEN TOP, "A very talented and young Korean group who have great potential of success in France", and they have been getting a great number of concert requests from the region.

Since TEEN TOP has a great number of fans all over the world, it seems that the heat of K-POP boom will get even hotter as they start their tour.

On the other hand, TEEN TOP are currently preparing for their new album, and they are planning to have a concert in Korea after they release the album.

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