The final nominees for the 2013 Seoul Drama Awards to be released

[by Joy Kim] After heated competition, 2013 Seoul International Drama Awards announced its final nominees for the TV Movie, Mini-series, Series, and individual categories. 

The finalists include Generation War (Germany), The Jewish Cardinal (France). They are both competing for three categories: Program, Best Director, and Best Actor.   
TV Movie –The Jewish Cardinal, nominated for three categories 

For the TV Movie award, Welcome and…Our Condolences (Israel), The Jewish Cardinal (France), and The Man (United Kingdom) and five other dramas are nominated for the final round. 

Welcome and…Our Condolences is based on the director’s personal experience of immigration to Israel from Soviet Union. From a 12 year old boy’s view point from a home video camera, the drama shows complex process of immigration during 1991’s massive Jewish immigration from USSR to Israel. 

The Jewish Cardinal is also based on true story of Jean-Marie Lustiger, the first Jewish Cardial after converting his religion to Catholic. The drama is nominated for two other categories as well. 

The Man talks about a young female banker going to a business meeting, where she hears some shocking stories about SARS, Al Qaeda and the third world debt. 

Mini-series – The competition has just begun, best dramas listed 
Nominees for Mini-Series include Homeland 2 (United States), Orphan Black (United Kingdom) and The Perfect Day (Korea). 
United Kingdom’s SF drama Orphan Black stands out for its compelling story line of human cloning.  2012 Primetime Emmy Awards winner Homeland 2 is also looking for recognition and acclaim in the SDA 2013.  

Series/Serial – Domination of Korean dramas 

The four Korean nominees are KBS My Husband Got a Family, MBC Horse Doctor, SBS Chaser and tvN ‘Reply 1997’and are ready to compete with foreign prominent drama series at final nominees. 

On the list, the House 8 (United States) , Prisoners of War2 (Israel), and Karadayi (Turkey) is included. Israeli nominee Prisoners of War2 talks about three Israeli soldiers who were captured 17 years ago for a secret mission in Lebanon. Another big title, Karayadi is about a son’s endless journey to save his father from a false charge of murder. 

A total of 9 nominated dramas are expected to have a heated competition for final selection. 

Individual Category – Korea’s Moon-Sik Lee faces stiff competition with big American cast: Damian Lewis and Hugh Laurie 

Individual Category for director, screenwriter, actor and actress is expected to have a fierce competition. Seven actors are competing against for Best Actor. The nominee list includes 
Homeland 2’s Damian Lewis, House 8’s Hugh Laurie, Devil\'s Dust’s Anthony Hayes and Moon-Sik Lee, starring in KBS Drama Special ‘Sang-Gwon’. 
For best actresses, American actress Luci Liu from Elementary, Eunju Chu from a popular Chinese series The Mu Saga and a British actress Emma Thompson from Walking the Dogs are included in the final nominees. 
SDA faces exciting new competitors from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Angola, Kenya and Cameroon. In total, 225 entries were made from 48 countries. Seoul International Drama Awards expects to play a pivotal role in optimizing the Korean Wave among the worldwide drama fans. 
Meanwhile, 2013 Seoul Drama Award ceremony will be hosted at National Theater of Korea and on live broadcast on MBC. The ceremony will start on September 5, 17:00 PM (KST). (photo by Seoul Drama Awards) 

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