The Golden Age of Lee Jehoon, dominating in both movie and drama

Actor Lee Jehoon is dominating in both movie and drama.

Recently, movie 'Intro to Construction Theory', which Lee starred, is dominating in the movie theaters, maintaining its position of Box Office ranking #1. At the same time, SBS drama 'Fashion King', which Lee is recently starring in, is also getting high program rates.

The 5th episode of 'Fashion King', which aired on April 2nd, got program rate of 10.1%, which was 0.5% higher than the previous one(9.6%).

In the drama, Lee Jehoon is starring as Lee Jaehyuk, who is a blunt heir of a colossal conglomerate, and his sophisticated acting is getting a lot of positive comments from the viewers.

In the 5th episode, Gayoung(Shin Sekyung) came to Jaehyuk in clothes of her own design, asked for contract. Jaehyuk was bewildered by Gayoung's such audacity at first, but he started getting interested in her for such character.

Viewers made comments, such as "Lee Jehoon is so hot" and "Lee Jaehyuk is getting more charming as the episode goes".

In the upcoming episode of 'Fashion King', the conflict between Young-gul(Yoo Ah-in) and Anna(Yuri) will be starting.