The New York Times nominates BigBang & 2NE1's concerts for 'The Best Concerts of 2012' by

BigBang and 2NE1's first world tour were nominated as 'The Best Concerts of 2012' by the New York Times.

On 26th, The New York Times reported about different concerts that were held in the US during 2012, and BigBang and 2NE1's concerts, which were held at Prudential Center in New Jersey in August and November, were included.

Such an achievement is meaningful, because the list includes shows of world famous pop stars, such as Jay-Z, Radiohead, and The Rolling Stones.

New York Time reported, "Thousands of fans gathered at the venue to see BigBang and 2NE1. The two groups did not release any hit songs in the US, but the huge fandom is same as that of other famous pop stars."

Previously, The New York Times reported about BigBang's concert, 'Beyong 'Gangnam' the True Wild Heart of K-Pop", and 2NE1's concert was also reported as well.

Furthermore, BigBang and 2NE1 were also introduced on The Guardians in England and FUSE TV in America.

BigBang, who developed into world stars, will be finishing their world tour on January 25th~27th in Seoul.

On the other hand, the ticket sales will start on January 2nd.

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